In the Book of Exodus, we learn that God gave the children of Israel the promised land as an inheritance. Nowhere in the scriptures did God ever command them to somehow give back to Him a tenth of that inheritance. Instead, the tithe came from crops and animals raised on their inherited land (Leviticus 27:30-33). But there was no tithe taken from the inheritance itself.

The children of Levi (the Levites) did not get an inheritance of land. Instead, God gave the Levites His tithe as their inheritance. Then God commanded the Levites to give a tenth of the tithe they received to the priests. Therefore, the Levites did tithe from their inheritance (Numbers 18).

Only those who received the tithe as an inheritance were required to tithe from their inheritance. Therefore, ONLY Levites tithe from their inheritance. No one else. And ONLY from their inherited tithe.

No other inheritances were tithed from.

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