Tithing ended at the cross. Nowhere in the scriptures, after Calvary, do we see tithing taught to the Church.

We have seen that Malachi 3:7 refers to tithing as an ordinance.

Malachi 3:7 (KJV) "Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ORDINANCES, and have not kept them. Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the LORD of hosts. But ye said, Wherein shall we return?"

We have seen in Colossians 2:14 that the ordinances were nailed to the cross.

Colossians 2:14 (KJV) "Blotting out the handwriting of ORDINANCES that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;"

The Bible clearly shows that the tithe ENDED at the cross in the Book of Hebrews. The ONLY place in the Bible, after Calvary, that tithing appears is in Hebrews 7. In the first nine verses of Hebrews 7 the words tenth or tithes appears SEVEN TIMES.

Hebrews 7:5 (KJV) "And verily they that are of the sons of Levi, who receive the office of the priesthood, have a commandment to take tithes of the people according to the law, that is, of their brethren, though they come out of the loins of Abraham:"

Verse 5 is the first occurrence of the words TITHES, COMMANDMENT and LAW.

Hebrews 7:12 (KJV) "For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law."

Hebrews 7:18 (KJV) "For there is verily a disannulling of the commandment going before for the weakness and unprofitableness thereof."

The word COMMANDMENT in verse 18 must be referring to the word COMMANDMENT in verse 5 which is referring to the tithe.

Therefore, the COMMANDMENT to TITHE was disannulled.

There are those who say that since Abraham tithed before the law, we should tithe today. The problem with that argument is that there is only ONE example in the scriptures of Abraham (Abram) ever tithed, and that one time was from war spoils that Abraham, himself, said didn't belong to him. There is no example in the scriptures where Abraham ever tithed from his income or wealth.

There are those who say that Abraham tithed because of his faith, and therefore we should tithe out of faith. The problem with that argument is that the scriptures don't tell us why Abraham tithed. We should not be adding to the Word of God or draw conclusions from what is not said in the scriptures.

Using the scriptures as written, we cannot use Abraham's one-time tithe from war spoils as a reason for tithing from our income today.

The New Testament teaches generous, sacrificial giving, from the heart, according to our means. For some, $1 might be a sacrifice, while for others, even giving 50% of their income might not induce a sacrifice. In the Old Testament, ONLY the farmers tithed, and it was a tenth. The New Testament teaches the principle of equal sacrifice instead of a tenth. Equal sacrifice is much harder to achieve, if not impossible, than giving a tenth.

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